25th Aug 2022
By Cosmocrat Web Solutions

New Trend of Social Media

Social media marketing has completely changed the scenario over the past 15 years the time has gone when the print media was used for products advertisement and establishment of brand. The potential use of internet provides us the ease to connect with the focused audience irrespective of the demographic constraints.

The maximum reach to the targeted segment of people is possible through social media as there is hardly anyone not active on social media as it’s every platform is ease to access through android mobiles whose users are increasing day by day. This is the reason that the social media marketing is the need for promotion of every business.

Social media is now an integral part of our lives so the marketing through social media is truly simple. Social media groups are the boons for affiliate marketers. Some potential social media recent trends are as follows:-

Live video

The live video marketing on social media is undoubtedly is creating an impact on the audience. Big brands are making a frequent use of this tool in their marketing to make the brand reach to a larger extent. The post of short videos by the influencers on the facebook is a trend catching pace at a fast rate.

Engagement through Ephemeral Content

There is frequent occurrence of short duration content for a day to be available on facebook. The brands are intelligently making use of short story, images, videos and offers postings on social media to keep the audience engaged in regular conversational mode. Polls, Quizzes and a specially designed content variety on social media to give a boost to the brand is part of social media marketing.

AR and VR Technology as potential tool

The most recent tools for effective social media marketing are Augmented Reality (AR) & Virtual Reality (VR) which do create an exciting experience to the users regarding the brand. This is on offer by e-commerce companies to the customers to provide a feel of product before the purchase using AR-powered shopping. This enables the customer to take purchase decisions before investing.

Impact of Influencer Marketing

Influence Marketers are in huge demand as it is the skill and the reach of the influencers which is quite dependable for the social media marketing. Brands are intended to collaborate with influencers for series of social media promotional posts for brands. The brands are cautious in choosing the micro influencers and bloggers and focused for transparency toward the marketing efforts and effectiveness of them.

Twitter as a Trustworthy channel

Most of the celebrities and intellectuals are using the Twitter for serious discussions and this is the trustworthy channel where the postings for the brand are taken serious. The close vigil to combat the fake news postings on Twitter will generate a high level trust among the ellite segment of the audience. The other segment, which is using Facebook and Instagram platform for updating, interaction as well as for entertainment, has got a wider reach. So the use of these platforms yields to good results for social media marketing.

Posting of User-generated Content

Every user who is using social media generates content in the form of comments, opinion or reply of polls. This content is quite useful as well as beneficial for the brand to be marketed on social media.

It provides two benefits as they are readily available so saves efforts and budget for marketing and allows customers to take lead and feel recognized and valued for the brand promotion.

The influence of social media is quite evident and thus is a potential platform for marketing but it is quite dynamic in nature so by making use of emerging recent trends does lead to reach the posts and product related information to larger segment of the potential users, which in turns is an estimate for higher revenue generation.

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