At Cosmocrate Web Solution, a leading web design business, we combine expertise, experience and also ability to create cutting edge visuals in web designing. Our Fixed website bundles offer absolute solution to business or people, to post straight forward information regarding them or concerning their business onto the static web pages.

Here's what Cosmocrate Web Solution would do for your business:

  • Our professional website designers work to produce stunning imagery, meaningful content and user-friendly E-commerce applications.
  • Creates an attractive professional website which is easy to navigate.
  • Provides static web content with relevant keywords which gets your website top ranking in major search engines like Google, Yahoo and others.
  • Static website design thus strikes a balance between good-quality images and fast downloads time.
  • We give unique and personalized web page design with good quality at competitive market rates.

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Design creation

Most websites were designed to be viewed on a full screen desktop monitor or laptop. When accessed through smaller screens like that of smart phones, some parts of the page are cut off, forcing the viewers to scroll.


Get started in a new career in Website Development with our Web Designing and Development Experts. This qualification provides the skills and knowledge to website designing in a variety of Marketing.

Digital Marketing

Digital engagement is a phrase often used quite loosely, sometimes to mean any use of social media by a corporate organisation, right through to more specific definitions.